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Tubelor Homme Waste Bin by Ideaco


Waste bin with concealed inner bag.

Colours: Orange, Brown, Black

This product is no longer available.

Ideaco Design's beautifully colored trendy trashcans are also the newest winner for the iF Product Design Award for 2008 (Germany)! . Just place trashbags in the inner wastebascket and then cover it with the colorful tube on top, you will never have to worry about the appearance of ugly trashbags again! Isn't it time to finally match your beautiful interior decor with a more stylish trashcan?

The Tubelor Homme is a larger version of the trashcan “TUBELOR”. While keeping to the original concept of designing a trashcan that is meant to be seen, not hidden, size has been increased for more capacity. Four different colors are available for the cover in matte finish, in combination with the brown bin inside.

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