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MAX Fan Heater by Stadler Form


Fan heater with adjustable thermostat dial. Rated power: 750 / 1,500 Watts. Whisper quiet fan. Thermal overload protection.

Colours: Red, White
Designer: Matti Walker

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Max Fan Heater makes any room cozy during cold weather.
Max is a reliable fan heater capable of being just a fan during the summer and a toasty heater during the winter. This space heater is quiet and elegant. He sits solidly on 3 metal weighted legs. Max's design and functionality works well with contemporary office or home furnishings. He definately adds a splash of color and flare with his award winning contemporary design. MAX’s heating elements warm the air, creating an agreeable temperature. This space heater is especially helpful during the seasonal transition, when the main heating is not running.

Max is a whisper quiet fan and has a power rating of 750 or 1,500 watt and features an infinitely adjustable thermostat dial. This space heater also has thermal overload protection.

Max has won many awards including
• Accent on Design Award International Gift Show New York
• Design Awards Chicago Housewares.

Rated power: 750 or 1,500 Watt
Dimensions: W 11.4" H 14.6" D 10.6"

Usually ships within 1 week.

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