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Foot Ashtray by Pull + Push


Ashtray in mortar and steel.

Designer: Nobuhiro Sato



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Keep the environment clean! For those of you who have a tendency to toss your cigarette buds on to the streets, well, here's a solution. Simply, put out the cigarette into the Foot Ashtray as if you were squashing it with your foot! This ashtray was inspired by all those marks left behind on wet cement...just like this one. Can also be used as a tray for small personal items.

Hand-made by Nobuhiro Sato, using the same technique and materials used for building structures. Each corner of the steel casing is welded with the edges grinded down to give it a rough finish. Some rust may appear on the outer steel casing depending on the usage of the ashtray, which will add a distinct flavor to compliment the appearance of each piece.

Dimensions: L 5.9" W 3.7" H 1.3"

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