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Sarah Wiener Privatier by Pott


Privatier in molybdenum/vanadium Solingen steel with wood handle.

Designer: Sarah Wiener

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The First Chef Knife for Small Hands!

The "Privatier", an innovation by Sarah Wiener that is the missing link for those whom traditional chef knives are too large; and the universal paring knife too arduous. The wide bolster, with finger protection, is perfectly balanced for easy and smooth tasking. Appealing and hand flattering in both form and material. Local plumwood is hand polished and oiled. The curved blade of the "large" knives is ideal for the cradle cut, i.e. herbs, and for the for the first time in a manageable size. In contrast to ordinary knives, where the handles are riveted onto flat metal, there are no crevices for food remnants to collect.

According to Sarah Wiener, each series needs a runaway, that extra little something. LIke sweet dough, a pinch of salt. The Privatier and only the Privatier in the Sarah Wiener knife series is the only knife available with a rare rosewood handle.

Not recommended for the dishwasher

Dimensions: L 4.4"

Usually ships within 1 week.

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