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Silo Shelf by Normann Copenhagen


Shelf in powder-coated steel.

Designer: Charles Job

This product is no longer available.

Cool, simple and stylish storage
The inspiration behind Silo is the New York skyline, where skyscrapers' architectural elegance exploits space to the utmost. As in a skyscraper, Silo has a steel framework that forms a cool frame around your possessions. The expression is simple, the function clear.

Charles Job explain
Like all of my designs, Silo is based around a pretty simple idea. The greatest challenge was the dimensioning, and getting harmonious proportions, sizes and design to interact. The idea was to create a stylish shelf that is large enough to store the many objects that you would find in e.g. a bathroom, while making it plain and pure in its expression so it is not too dominating."

Be creative
With a unique design, Silo is mixture of container and shelf. Silo creates space and elbow room in the bathroom, the kitchen or as a flower box on the terrace - only your fantasy creates the limits.

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