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ZZZ - Lighthouse Ball Oil Lamp by Menu


Oil lamp in porcelain and stainless steel.

Designer: Christian Bjorn

This product is no longer available.

Lively light in the garden creates a special, one of a kind atmosphere. Menu’s new, elegant Ball Torches burn like small fires in the dark, spreading cosy light on short winter days and long summer nights.

The round outdoor oil lamps are designed by Christian Bjørn, who also created Menu’s successful Lighthouse series. When forming the new Ball Torches, Designer Christian Bjørn had the traditional American “road torches” in mind. Until sometime in the 1960s, sturdy tumble torches were used along American highways to warn drivers of road construction ahead. In Christian Bjørn’s reinterpretation, the classic roadside torch is updated in a beautiful, modern designer torch that is just as Scandinavian in its appearance as the Lighthouse series.

Designed for outdoor use

The Ball Torch is made of weatherproof steel, with a large removable oil reservoir in stainless steel and plastic that is easy to fill. The lamp burns steadily with its thick fibreglass wick, which is not easily extinguished in windy conditions. In addition to the short model, which is placed directly on tiles or grass, the torch also comes in a tall model on a shaft. The torches can be placed around the garden as small, flickering fires, or along the garden path and at the entryway as a bright welcome to guests.

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