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Delta 20 All-Inclusive Windowsill Planter by Lechuza


Planter in durable plastic includes specially formulated plant substrate, liner with irrigation system, and water level indicator. Does not include seeds or plant.

Colours: Black, Charcoal, Espresso, Scarlet Red, Silver, Orange, White

This product is no longer available.

Innovative growing system
Blossoming plants bring joy to life. But they do not get by on looks alone, because magnificent flowers and healthy plants contribute to a healthy indoor climate. Unfortunately, many people have trouble finding the time to maintain their plants, or they simply lack the proverbial "green thumb".

For them or anyone who wishes to enjoy beautiful plants without a lot of work, Lechuza has the perfect solution: smart planters that combine function with design – their simple striking shapes are an asset to your house and garden, while guaranteeing you more efficient plant care.

A plant system - well thought-out in every detail
True beauty comes from within: Your plants flourish naturally with the sub-irrigation set from Lechuza. It enables water to circulate just like in nature. As a result, the plant’s roots will not rot in standing water, and it is avoided to add too much or not enough water or nutrients.

Clever solution - even outdoors
Lechuza planters with sub-irrigation mimic nature and can even be used outdoors, since excess rainwater easily drains, but leaves behind a full reservoir to keep your plants well watered.

DURABILITY. Even if the planter takes a fall, its strong plastic will not break.
UV RESISTANCE. High quality paint with a ceramic and metallic look will retain its appearance for years.
RESISTANCE TO FROST. Lechuza can handle the elements, whether snow, ice, or frost.
HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION. All Lechuza planters are made in Germany. They are backed up by the experience of PLAYMOBIL, a successful manufacturer of toys that has been known around the world for decades for its plastics manufacturing capabilities.

The Lechuza sub-irrigation system
Whether you travel for several days at a time or simply have trouble finding time to care for your plants, this planter is ready to be your own personal plant sitter. In fact, the Delta can take care of your plants for multiple weeks and give them just the right amounts of water and nutrients they need for optimal growth.

Just fill up the planter water reservoir and your plant will become self sufficient! The integrated water level indicator will tell you reliably when it is time to refill the reservoir.

The Lechuza Delta planter belongs to a series of exclusive planters that only Lechuza can offer: Attractive in its design and convincing in its functionality, the Lechuza Delta planter was made for stylish arrangements and exquisite plantings. The Delta planter is available as a floor planter in the sizes Delta 30 and Delta 40 (height: 22 in and 30 in, respectively) with painted handles, window-sill planter Delta 20, and tabletop planter Delta 15. And best of all: The floor planters' functional frame handles add a decorative element of design to the planter, giving it an even greater degree of elegance as an ornamental frame.

With the dimensions 16 x 6 x 7 inches, almost every windowsill can be transformed into a mini oasis. How about flowering houseplants, stylish orchids or at last, your own tomato bed, right by the kitchen? Whether lounge or bathroom, windowsill or dining table; this planter cares, thanks to its sub-irrigation system and water reservoir, for the long-term health of your plants and green accents.

Emmo Home is proud to bring you another Red Dot Design Award Winner!

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