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Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock by Industrial Facility


LCD alarm clock.

Colour: Light Grey, Red
Designer: Sam Hecht

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Industrial Facility examines the travel alarm clock - a product that receives little attention yet continues to be popular among older generations. The design is informed not by shape but by interface. The ambition was to create a digital alarm clock with such simplicity of use that it would render a manual unnecessary. By involving two digital displays - one for time, the other for alarm - that are always visible, adjusting the display becomes intuitive.

The reverse of the clock has both a lock button for traveling (to stop the display inadvertently changing) and a battery compartment that uses no screws. Other functions include display illumination and an alarm/snooze button that also incorporates the speaker.

Every detail, from the interface to the size and material has been considered that result in a clarity rarely seen in these types of products.

Dimensions: L 3.5" D 0.8" W 2.5"

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