About Us

At Emmo Home, our products are modern and design-oriented without sacrificing function. We recognize your desire for high-quality items to furnish your home.

The concept of Emmo Home was created when a young urban professional who experienced many years of apartment-living in New York City bought his first condominium in a newly-developed area of Orange County. He desired to make the best use of his space with functional, unique, and modern home furnishings. (Check out the product that started it all!) He soon realized that products catered to an urban style of living were not readily available in Orange County. This need inspired the creation of Emmo Home.


Our mission at Emmo Home is:

To establish ourselves as the most prominent customer-focused retailer of modern, unique, and functional home furnishings.

To achieve this, we are committed to providing:

1) Excellent customer service. We want to provide you with the most pleasant shopping experience. We want to know how we can improve your experience please Contact Us to let us know how what we can do better for you.

2) A selection of high-quality and functional home accessories that are not immediately available. We are constantly searching for new products that appeal to you. Our desire is to bring designs from all over the world into your home.

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